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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

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07-18-2011 Christian Churches in Turkey
04-21-2011 April 24th National Day of Prayer
12-21-2010 Turkey’s Threats
12-20-2010 U.S. House vote on the Armenian Genocide Resolution
12-17-2010 U.S. House vote on the Armenian Genocide Resolution
12-10-2010 Turkey’s Veto
12-09-2010 Turkey’s “One-Way” Policy toward America
12-08-2010 Armenian Genocide Resolution
12-01-2010 Turkey’s Double Standard
11-29-2010 Reports surfacing of Turkey’s support for al Qaeda, and Ankara’s growing rift with the U.S. and our allies
11-02-2010 Armenian American civic activism
08-23-2010 U.S. aid to Nagorno Karabakh has fallen $25 million short of Congressional intent since FY1998
08-09-2010 U.S.-Armenia Trade and Investment Framework Agreement
07-12-2010 Capitol Hill screening of new Armenian Genocide documentary
06-21-2010 Expanding U.S.-Armenia economic cooperation
06-09-2010 H.Res.252, the Armenian Genocide Resolution
03-09-2010 H.Res.252
03-02-2010 H.Res.252
09-02-2009 Reservations regarding Turkey-Armenia protocols
06-11-2009 Double Standards
06-10-2009 Federal Judge dismisses Armenian Genocide Denial lawsuit
06-05-2009 Turkey moving the goalposts for Armenia ties
05-29-2009 Jewish World Watch Supports Armenian Genocide Resolution
04-22-2009 Armenia strongly supporting international Armenian Genocide recognition
04-15-2009 Armenian Genocide Commemoration - April 22nd
03-23-2009 Letter from the Armenian Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee
03-17-2009 Two quick things.
02-25-2009 Why is Turkey Selling Weapons to Sudan?
02-24-2009 President Obama's Support for Armenian Genocide Recognition
02-23-2009 Commentary on the Turkey-Sudan Axis of Genocide
02-19-2009 Obama Administration supporters of the Armenian Genocide Resolution
02-18-2009 Turkey and Sudan
09-16-2008 Nagorno Karabakh Republic/Artsakh: 20 Years of Freedom, Democracy, and Progress
09-12-2008 Looking at Turkey’s real intentions
09-05-2008 Letter to House Members regarding President Gul's Visit to Armenia
08-20-2008 Armenia’s constructive response to the Georgia crisis
07-01-2008 Controversy over Turkish Ambassador’s firing of U.S. Scholar
06-19-2008 Publisher sentenced over book on Armenian killings
06-17-2008 Obama reaffirms support for Armenian Genocide recognition
06-11-2008 Pasadena Star News: Armenian Genocide Still Haunts Turkey
06-10-2008 Turkish Ambassador fires U.S. Scholar
06-09-2008 Civil Rights Group Denounces Armenian Genocide Denial
04-21-2008 Armenian Genocide remembrance
04-17-2008 Armenian Genocide remembrance
04-15-2008 Who decides when American speaks on human rights?
03-27-2008 Capitol Hill Presentation of "The Lark Farm"
03-04-2008 Azerbaijani President threatens to restart war
02-28-2008 The Nagorno Karabagh democracy movement
02-15-2008 Nagorno Karabagh anniversary
02-12-2008 U.S.-Turkey nuclear proposal needs careful scrutiny
01-28-2008 Letter challenging Azerbaijani threats
01-24-2008 The ongoing human cost of genocide denial
01-23-2008 Washington Post publishes ANCA letter
01-22-2008 Turkey embraces genocidal Sudanese regime
12-19-2007 International Herald Tribune condemns Turkish attack on Iraq
12-18-2007 Turkish troops push into Iraq - attacks displace 1,800
12-17-2007 Turkey attacks Iraq - bombs schools and infrastructure
11-16-2007 The National Journal: Ethnic Epic
11-15-2007 Rep. Lipinski speaks in favor of Armenian Genocide recognition
11-13-2007 Why Are We Apologizing?
11-07-2007 Letters in support of H.Res.106
11-05-2007 San Francisco Chronicle Op/Ed: It’s time to tell it like it is about Armenian genocide
11-01-2007 Washington Post article
10-31-2007 The American Conservative article in favor of Armenian Genocide Resolution
10-30-2007 The United States Should be Squeezing Turkey, Not the Other Way Around.
10-30-2007 Political Cartoon
10-24-2007 The New Republic article
10-24-2007 The Washington Post: Armenians' Duty to the Past
10-22-2007 North County Times: Genocide resolution should pass
10-22-2007 No Good Time to Condone Genocide
10-18-2007 Richmond Times Dispatch: Resolution
10-18-2007 The U.S. and Turkey: Honesty Is the Best Policy
10-17-2007 “SCREAMERS” - Thursday, October 18th
09-27-2007 Outsourcing America’s Moral Conscience?
09-17-2007 Invite - Briefing on Nagorno Karabagh elections
09-14-2007 Please speak on the Armenian Genocide
08-16-2007 First 5 Ambassadors to Armenia to Speak on Capitol Hill
07-09-2007 Michael Oren: The Mass Murder They Still Deny
06-19-2007 Armenian Genocide Resolution update
06-14-2007 Sign-on letter to protect Iraq’s Assyrian population
06-04-2007 FresnoBee.com: Parris misjudges Armenian resolution
06-01-2007 Turkey Crying Wolf . . . Again
05-30-2007 Armenian American service in the U.S. Armed Forces
05-16-2007 Post-Armenian Genocide Recognition Trade chart
05-09-2007 Two new fact sheets on the Armenian Genocide Resolution
05-07-2007 Turkish Scholar recognizes Armenian Genocide
04-23-2007 LA Times op/ed on the Armenian Genocide
04-18-2007 Three Bible publishers murdered in Turkey
04-17-2007 Adoption of the Armenian Genocide Resolution
04-13-2007 NYT critical of Turkey for blocking U.N. Rwanda Genocide exhibit
04-11-2007 Turkey blocks Rwanda Genocide exhibit at United Nations
04-10-2007 Support for Armenian Genocide Resolution growing among key national security committees
03-07-2007 Turkey blocks YouTube
02-28-2007 Armenian Genocide Resolution
02-27-2007 Expanding dialogue with Nagorno Karabagh
02-13-2007 Turkey’s threats against America
02-07-2007 Armenian Foreign Minister Condemns Turkey’s Silencing of Armenians
02-05-2007 Major publications speak out on the Armenian Genocide
02-03-2007 TIME Magazine to properly recognize Armenian Genocide
02-02-2007 Turkey’s threats against America
01-30-2007 Armenian Genocide Resolution
01-25-2007 Anti-Genocide film SCREAMERS plays on Capitol Hill
01-23-2007 Armenian Genocide Resolution
01-10-2007 Armenian Genocide Resolution
01-03-2007 Armenian Genocide Resolution
12-19-2006 Please agree to cosponsor the Armenian Genocide Resolution
12-13-2006 Boston Globe Op/Ed against genocide denial
12-12-2006 Senate returns Hoagland nomination to the White House
12-11-2006 Nagorno Karabagh votes for pro-independence constitution
11-13-2006 Opposition to the Hoagland nomination
10-12-2006 Latest developments
10-04-2006 Seventy-seven Representatives sign Pro-Karabagh letter
09-25-2006 Please support democracy in Nagorno Karabagh
09-12-2006 Sen. Menendez places hold on Hoagland nomination
09-08-2006 Please co-sign the Armenian Caucus letter supporting
democracy in Nagorno Karabagh
08-17-2006 Destabilizing impact of Turkish forces in Lebanon
08-03-2006 Azerbaijan again seeking to disrupt peace process
08-01-2006 Sen. Biden Delays Senate Foreign Relations Committee Vote on Hoagland Nomination
07-25-2006 State Department misled Congress over Turkish Communications
07-17-2006 LA Times urges Senate to Block Nominee for Ambassador to Armenia
04-21-2006 Upcoming Armenian Genocide events
04-18-2006 Armenian Genocide events
04-14-2006 April 17th PBS broadcast of Armenian Genocide documentary
04-13-2006 Capitol Hill Observance of the Armenian Genocide
04-03-2006 Save the date: Capitol Hill Observance of the Armenian Genocide
03-22-2006 LA Times calls for U.S. recognition of Armenian Genocide
03-21-2006 The U.S.-Turkey relationship
03-20-2006 Rep. Schiff to host screening of Armenian Genocide documentary
03-17-2006 Disobedient Diplomats and Other Heroes
03-16-2006 New ANCA headquarters building
03-10-2006 Co-Chair of Congressional Armenia Caucus disappointed
over reported recall of Ambassador to Armenia
03-03-2006 Urge PBS not to provide platform to Armenian Genocide deniers
03-02-2006 Azerbaijani President threatens war
02-27-2006 Co-sign letter condemning use of public funds for Genocide denial
02-23-2006 PBS set to provide platform to Genocide deniers
02-22-2006 Valley of the Wolves - Iraq
02-17-2006 Turkey - myth vs. reality
02-14-2006 Save the date: Capitol Hill Observance of the Armenian Genocide
02-06-2006 Armenians working to prevent genocide in Darfur
02-02-2006 FOIA documents reveal that Turkey overstates its ability to retaliate against passage of Armenian Genocide Resolution
01-27-2006 Leading archaeologists condemn Azerbaijan's desecration of sacred Armenian cemetery
01-27-2006 U.S. leadership needed at U.N. to end Darfur Genocide
01-26-2006 International Christian Concern protests Azerbaijani desecration of sacred Armenian cemetery
01-23-2006 European Parliament calls on Azerbaijan to stop demolition of ancient Armenian cemetery
01-18-2006 Azerbaijani Ambassador denies desecration of sacred Armenian cemetery-despite videotape destruction
01-12-2006 April 17th PBS broadcast of Armenian Genocide documentary
11-30-2005 Boston Globe Op-Ed: "The Trouble with Turkey"
11-23-2005 Please cosponsor Armenian Genocide Resolution - H.Res.316
11-23-2005 Please cosponsor Armenian Genocide Resolution - S.Res.320
11-17-2005 Congressional 'Dear Colleague' letters regarding Turkey's human rights record and aggression against their neighbors
11-14-2005 The Wall Street Journal publishes letter from ANCA
10-19-2005 Destruction of Christian Armenian Church in Turkey
10-13-2005 U.S. Helsinki Commission calls on Turks to "face their history"
09-22-2005 MONDAY DEADLINE for Nagorno Karabagh Letter
09-12-2005 NY Times criticizes Turkey for silencing discussion of Genocide
09-07-2005 Washington Post criticizes Turkey for silencing discussion on Armenian Genocide
09-07-2005 U.S. - Turkey Relations reach "Tipping Point"
09-01-2005 Turkish writers criminally prosecuted for Speech on Armenian Genocide
08-26-2005 Democratic progress in Nagorno Karabagh
08-18-2005 Help End the Blockades of Armenia and Nagorno Karabagh
08-03-2005 Freedom for Nagorno Karabagh
08-01-2005 Members of Congress criticize Turkey's attack on freedom of speech

Genocide scholars call on Turkey to end denials

05-09-2005 Commentary in The Washington Times calls on Turkey to recognize the Armenian Genocide
04-18-2005 Turkey must accept Armenian Genocide scholars say
04-01-2005 Export-Import Bank broadens U.S.-Armenia commercial opportunities
03-25-2005 Concern over flawed TARC/ICTJ finding on Armenian Genocide
03-16-2005 Growing anti-U.S. sentiment in Turkey
02-23-2005 NY Times cloumnist calls for action to end genocide in Darfur
02-21-2005 World Council of Churches again calls for recognition of the Armenian Genocide
02-21-2005 U.S. calls on Turkey to stop encouraging anti-American sentiment
02-16-2005 WSJ: Turkish government encouraging anti-American/anti-Semetic sentiment
02-14-2005 Troubling development concerning Cyprus
02-10-2005 New revelations about Turkish spying on the U.S. government
02-09-2005 Secretary of Defense again sites ongoing costs of Turkey's refusal to alow a northern front in the Iraq War
02-07-2005 Turkey's refusal to allow a northern front in the Iraq War
02-07-2005 Armenian troops arrive in Iraq as part of the U.S-led Coalition
01-31-2005 Ending the cycle of genocide
01-20-2005 ANCA congratulates President Bush on second ingauguration
01-19-2005 Armenia/Azerbaijan issues
01-18-2005 State Department mischaracterizes Nagorno Karabagh