Monday, August 31, 2015

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01-26-2006 International Christian Concern protests Azerbaijani desecration of sacred Armenian cemetery
01-23-2006 European Parliament calls on Azerbaijan to stop demolition of ancient Armenian cemetery
01-18-2006 Azerbaijani Ambassador denies desecration of sacred Armenian cemetery-despite videotape destruction
01-12-2006 April 17th PBS broadcast of Armenian Genocide documentary
11-30-2005 Boston Globe Op-Ed: "The Trouble with Turkey"
11-23-2005 Please cosponsor Armenian Genocide Resolution - H.Res.316
11-23-2005 Please cosponsor Armenian Genocide Resolution - S.Res.320
11-17-2005 Congressional 'Dear Colleague' letters regarding Turkey's human rights record and aggression against their neighbors
11-14-2005 The Wall Street Journal publishes letter from ANCA
10-19-2005 Destruction of Christian Armenian Church in Turkey
10-13-2005 U.S. Helsinki Commission calls on Turks to "face their history"
09-22-2005 MONDAY DEADLINE for Nagorno Karabagh Letter
09-12-2005 NY Times criticizes Turkey for silencing discussion of Genocide
09-07-2005 Washington Post criticizes Turkey for silencing discussion on Armenian Genocide
09-07-2005 U.S. - Turkey Relations reach "Tipping Point"
09-01-2005 Turkish writers criminally prosecuted for Speech on Armenian Genocide
08-26-2005 Democratic progress in Nagorno Karabagh
08-18-2005 Help End the Blockades of Armenia and Nagorno Karabagh
08-03-2005 Freedom for Nagorno Karabagh
08-01-2005 Members of Congress criticize Turkey's attack on freedom of speech

Genocide scholars call on Turkey to end denials

05-09-2005 Commentary in The Washington Times calls on Turkey to recognize the Armenian Genocide
04-18-2005 Turkey must accept Armenian Genocide scholars say
04-01-2005 Export-Import Bank broadens U.S.-Armenia commercial opportunities
03-25-2005 Concern over flawed TARC/ICTJ finding on Armenian Genocide
03-16-2005 Growing anti-U.S. sentiment in Turkey
02-23-2005 NY Times cloumnist calls for action to end genocide in Darfur
02-21-2005 World Council of Churches again calls for recognition of the Armenian Genocide
02-21-2005 U.S. calls on Turkey to stop encouraging anti-American sentiment
02-16-2005 WSJ: Turkish government encouraging anti-American/anti-Semetic sentiment
02-14-2005 Troubling development concerning Cyprus
02-10-2005 New revelations about Turkish spying on the U.S. government
02-09-2005 Secretary of Defense again sites ongoing costs of Turkey's refusal to alow a northern front in the Iraq War
02-07-2005 Turkey's refusal to allow a northern front in the Iraq War
02-07-2005 Armenian troops arrive in Iraq as part of the U.S-led Coalition
01-31-2005 Ending the cycle of genocide
01-20-2005 ANCA congratulates President Bush on second ingauguration
01-19-2005 Armenia/Azerbaijan issues
01-18-2005 State Department mischaracterizes Nagorno Karabagh



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